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FAQ / Customized game types
« Last post by elxanders on September 23, 2017, 06:26:11 PM »
Version 3.8.5 allows users to create their own games, based on general settings. To use it, go to Game-Type-Custom menu.
Here is a short description of settings available.

Will be used to display game name, prefixed with 'Custom:'

Default starting position, using current notation (see below). If empty, a global default poisition is used (2 centered lines are free from pieces on checkered boards, or 2 centered+first on non-checkered).

This field will be used for PDN export only

BoardWidth, BoardHeight
Board Width and Height.
Restrictions: Min 4, Max 16.
Board Width must be even (6,8,10...).
Max total playing squares 128 (so up to 16x16 checkered, or 16x8, 12x10 uncheckered boards allowed).

True: only half board squares are used to play;
False: all squares are used (ex.: Turkish)

True: man becomes king during capture over the last row (Russian);
False: man becomes king only if stops at the last row (Brasilian)

True: King can 'fly' over the board (Russian, International);
False: King can move only 1 square (English, Italian)

True: capture maximum pieces is obligatory (Brasilian);
False: free capture is allowed (Russian)

True: if possible, player must capture sequence with maximum kings (Italian ,Spanish) ;
False: free capture

True: men can take backwards (Russian, International);
False: men cannot take backwards (English, Spanish)

True: man can capture kings;
False: man cannot capture kings (Italian)

True: if a king and a man can capture player must capture with king (Czech);
False: free capture

True: if a man and a king can capture the same amount of pieces, king must capture (Italian, Frisian);
False: free capture

True: after capture the king can move backwards (Thai);
False: after capture the king is not allowed moving backwards

True: pieces removed from board after the move is complete (all draughts games);
False: pieces removed immediately (Thai, Turkish)

True: player must choose the sequence with kings being captured as early as possible (Italian);
False: free capture

True: pieces can capture orthogonally on checkered board (Frisian);
False: only diagonal captures are possible on checkered board

0: no halt
1: thai halt
2: killer halt

True: capture is obligatory (all draughts games);
False: capture is optional (artificial games, option for experiments)

Following options are not related to the game rules, only set display preferences

True: flips the board, bottom right corner becomes playing sqaure; False: normal board orientation: bottom left (a1) square is playing

True: playing squares are white (Spanish); False: playing squares are black
(does not change board orientation - to flip the board use BoardMirrored)

True: white is bottom and start game (Russian); False: black is bottom and start game (English)

0: chess, a1 bottom left
1: numeric, first square is upper left
2: numeric, first square is bottom right
3: numeric, first square is upper right
4: numeric, first square is bottom left
(first square is related to a non-mirrored board, if the board is mirrored, starting corner is mirrored as well - this keeps notation non-sensitive to board orientation)
FAQ / FAQ: Known Errors
« Last post by elxanders on September 18, 2017, 10:30:46 AM »
Q: Error 'Cannot change folder' on export.

A: The server has been recently moved on Unix. All previous exports are saved, and still available, but old versions of program cannot connect to new server. You need to update the program to the version 3.8.5 or newer.
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