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Customized game types
« on: September 23, 2017, 06:26:11 PM »
Version 3.8.5 allows users to create their own games, based on general settings. To use it, go to Game-Type-Custom menu.
Here is a short description of settings available.

Will be used to display game name, prefixed with 'Custom:'

Default starting position, using current notation (see below). If empty, a global default poisition is used (2 centered lines are free from pieces on checkered boards, or 2 centered+first on non-checkered).

This field will be used for PDN export only

BoardWidth, BoardHeight
Board Width and Height.
Restrictions: Min 4, Max 16.
Board Width must be even (6,8,10...).
Max total playing squares 128 (so up to 16x16 checkered, or 16x8, 12x10 uncheckered boards allowed).

True: only half board squares are used to play;
False: all squares are used (ex.: Turkish)

True: man becomes king during capture over the last row (Russian);
False: man becomes king only if stops at the last row (Brasilian)

True: King can 'fly' over the board (Russian, International);
False: King can move only 1 square (English, Italian)

True: capture maximum pieces is obligatory (Brasilian);
False: free capture is allowed (Russian)

True: if possible, player must capture sequence with maximum kings (Italian ,Spanish) ;
False: free capture

True: men can take backwards (Russian, International);
False: men cannot take backwards (English, Spanish)

True: man can capture kings;
False: man cannot capture kings (Italian)

True: if a king and a man can capture player must capture with king (Czech);
False: free capture

True: if a man and a king can capture the same amount of pieces, king must capture (Italian, Frisian);
False: free capture

True: after capture the king can move backwards (Thai);
False: after capture the king is not allowed moving backwards

True: pieces removed from board after the move is complete (all draughts games);
False: pieces removed immediately (Thai, Turkish)

True: player must choose the sequence with kings being captured as early as possible (Italian);
False: free capture

True: pieces can capture orthogonally on checkered board (Frisian);
False: only diagonal captures are possible on checkered board

0: no halt
1: thai halt
2: killer halt

True: capture is obligatory (all draughts games);
False: capture is optional (artificial games, option for experiments)

Following options are not related to the game rules, only set display preferences

True: flips the board, bottom right corner becomes playing sqaure; False: normal board orientation: bottom left (a1) square is playing

True: playing squares are white (Spanish); False: playing squares are black
(does not change board orientation - to flip the board use BoardMirrored)

True: white is bottom and start game (Russian); False: black is bottom and start game (English)

0: chess, a1 bottom left
1: numeric, first square is upper left
2: numeric, first square is bottom right
3: numeric, first square is upper right
4: numeric, first square is bottom left
(first square is related to a non-mirrored board, if the board is mirrored, starting corner is mirrored as well - this keeps notation non-sensitive to board orientation)
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